About Us

Wide-In-Wisdom Winery started over dinner in the hotel of a small town in northern Germany. The founding owner was talking with a friend and fellow meadmaker about the prospect of supplying a quality product to the multiple circles of interests in which both men were a part. 

From Old World religious Reconstructionists to Renaissance Faire goers to holiday purists, all these people buy, make, and consume the age-old beverage known as mead. Yet, with so many imbibers making up these circles of interest within the great state of Texas, there was no one running a winery dedicated to the sole production of mead. 

Since that meeting in Germany in 2005, the idea of a mead winery that became us went through several periods of brainstorming, number crunching, and back burner stagnation. In those five years, a very decent recipe was perfected to please the palette of a large group of test subjects and the dust was knocked off the notes and memos accruing in a notebook. In October of 2010, our registration as an incorporated entity was enacted. 

Our company, incorporated as Fjolsviðr Vinzerei, is so named based on a rich Germanic history. The first word is one of the kennings (poetic names) of Odin, father to the Norse and Germanic gods. This name actually means “Wide-In-Wisdom” in Old Norse. Vinzerei is the German word for winery, hence, our anglicized alternate name of “Wide-In-Wisdom Winery”.  As the stories of Germanic folktale go, Odin is the one who retrieved the “mead of poetry” from a giant who stole it from Asgard. As it was being hastily recovered by Odin, cleverly disguised first as a snake, then as an eagle, some of the mead spilled out and rained down through the world tree to land on Earth. From then on, the secret of mead was shared over the whole realm of European peoples from the Black sea to the British Isles. 

Wide-In-Wisdom Winery seeks to reintroduce into our lagging German-American culture the joy and tastiness of honey wine. It should be enjoyed as an ancestral rite whether you stem from Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, Slavic, Russian or Middle-Eastern decent. It has been mentioned with great pride in movies such as The Wicker Man, The 13th Warrior, and Robin Hood.

It is not just for consuming at the Rennfaire anymore. We want to provide a more fertile market in Texas and share this gift with all manner of wine connoisseur. Though best served as a chilled beverage on a warm Summer evening or slightly warm on a chilly Winter night, mead can be matched with many dinner foods and dessert products. 

It is our desire to share the culture from which mead has endured and the social delights gained from sharing with friends of this great product. We hope you find our products enjoyable and other areas of our website interesting enough to make our company a part of your expanding world.